We expect from all our guests that they share, at least for the time of their visit, an engagement to respect the physical and psychological integrity of all other people present. Here is a list of the engagements you subscribe to, upon crossing our doorstep:

  1. What happens in the dungeon stays in the dungeon… Please respect the privacy of others. Any person exposing or threatening to expose to the vanilla world the BDSM life of another will be banned without appeal.

  2. No one is under the obligation to play. Take the time to discuss your limits and negotiate your scenes. The use of a safeword is mandatory. The default safeword, “RED”, is valid for all scenes in the dungeon. The dungeon is not responsible for your scenes, but consent and safety rules will be applied via the staff and volunteers.

  3. Strict “ BDSM Protocol” is not required, except in protocolary events. However, basic courtesy is required even when the ambiance is relaxed.

  4. Scenes must be watched from a safe distance and discretly, so as not to bother the players. Negotiations must have taken place before a scene.

  5. We ask that you do not join a scene unless you are formally invited to do so.

  6. Play stations must not be used as seats or surfaces on which to place your toys. While aftercare is very important, we ask that you first gather your toys and clean the station so that other players may use it. Cleaning materials for this purpose are always available.

  7. Always ask for permission to borrow someone else’s property.

  8. Food and drinks are not allowed on any of the play stations.

  9. Scenes must be of a reasonable length so that everyone may have a chance to play. The bedroom is restricted to play sessions of 45 minutes to ensure space is shared fairly.

  10. Please be courteous and offer couch space in priority to players who just finished a scene so that they may enjoy their aftercare.

  11. Respect the event’s dress code. Unless stated otherwise, the dress code is the following: All-in-Black, leather, latex, PVC, lingerie, burlesque, fetish, goth, glam, Xdress, cosplay, Victorian, uniforms. Nudity is allowed.

  12. Please note that NO JEANS (except when the dress code is “CASUAL”) will be tolerated in the dungeon. Breaching this rule may result in dungeon access being denied with a warning.

  13. Arrange covers for any messy scene, such as wax play or play that may spill bodily fluids on the furniture. You will be held responsible for damages and cleaning fees if you default on this obligation.

  14. Any scene including “Edge play” and/or “Consensual Non Consent” must be discussed ahead of time with the Dungeon team. Fire play, knife play, breath play, needle play, blood play, primal play and bondage are types of play that require more care and expertise. To ensure everyone’s safety, it is imperative to inform the monitors of your scenes and that they be well negotiated.

  15. This building is NON-SMOKING. Please use the outdoor balcony to smoke.

  16. NO ABUSIVE CONSUMPTION OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WILL BE TOLERATED. If an intoxicated person’s behaviour is bothersome or detrimental to the safety and well-being of others, they will be immediately expelled without warning or reimbursement.

  17. Cellphones are formally forbidden in play zones. They are tolerated on the balcony and in the “aftercare” zone only.

  18. The Dungeon is 100% sex-friendly as long as it is practiced in a consensual and safe manner for everyone involved.

  19. Formal consent is valid at all times and can be revoked at any moment by participants. We are here to assist you if necessary.

  20. If you encounter any issues during an event, do not hesitate to speak to a member of our team or to our resource person. We will do our best to meet your needs, your requests and any other situation that demands our attention.

  21. Most of our volunteers can provide first aid and are always available to help you .

  22. The Dungeon and its team are committed to providing you with a safe and sane space according to the principles of consent and individual responsibility. We are committed to offering events that are inclusive and safe for everyone. Should a member of our team fail to respect this commitment, a NEUTRAL resource person is available on demand to receive your complaints, comments and suggestions.

  23. The Triskelion abides by the principle R.A.C.K. (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) according to which the participants are responsible for instructing themselves and ensuring that their partner is aware of the risks entailed by an activity before participating in it.Our team is pleased to help you be better equipped for your play if you so need.

  24. The Dungeon provides participants with a space for BDSM practice but is not responsible for your scenes or play sessions. Our engagement and responsibility are limited to providing you with a safe and sane space for everyone so you can enjoy safe quality time. However, our team will diligently and vigilantly enforce all regulations stated above.