Schedule of our upcoming events:

Follow us on social medias and be alerted of upcoming events at the Triskelion! Here is the full calendar of our activities in the upcoming weeks!



Decadence playparties

The perfect event for beginners to explore a dungeon,learn more about BDSM and for the experimented players

in a warm,comfy atmosphere with staff that will go the extra mile to satisfy all your needs...Wich one will come first?

Desire or Decadence....who knows.....


Next dates:

November 2nd,9th,16th,and 23rd ,2019

December 7th,14th,21st and 28th,2019



9 pm @ 3am

Cover: 20$



The next step in our playparties! A VIP treatment for all our guests! Lounge music ambiance,with a light buffet being served at midnight,more intimity,less attendees and more room to play and to light up your friday nights!

The comfort and the proximity of the Triskelion,in a VIP Treatment,and the cream of the crop play possibilities!


Next dates:

October 11th, and 25th, 2019

November 8th and 22nd , 2019

December 27th, 2019


9pm @ 3am

Cover: 15$



Discovering BDSM and Beyond!


Next dates:

December 14th,2019

January 11th,2019


4pm @ 3am

Cover: 25$

Beyond BDSM

A day of next level workshops,for the players wishing to upgrade their BDSM experience


Next dates:

November 30th, 2019

January 25th, 2020


6pm @ 10pm


25$ per person (includes workshops and playparty)




Oprhan's Christmas Night

Because no one deserves to be alone on Christmas eve we are presenting this special event once again!

''Oprhan's Xmas''

We firmly believe at Triskelion that no one deserves to be alone on Christmas eve.So we are opening our doors to everyone,Free of charge so we can break solitude and loneliness.Whether your family is gone,non existent,your friends are afar,or simply that you are alone in life,well you are no longer alone.We are here for you.for a 3rd year in a row.

Board games,video games,tabletop games,movies,and a warm buffet at midnight.

Please note that this is not a BDSM event but a get together moment for thoses who have a rough time during the holidays!


December 24th, 2019


6pm @ 10pm





Seasons Beatings : Boxing Day Playparty

The Triskelion is proud to present their festive event:

''Seasons Beatings : Boxing Day Playparty''

Celebrate the holidays and the Boxing Day with us and the Triskelion team! Every participant will receive a free gift at their entrance at the dungeon! It is a way for us at Triskelion to say a huge thank you for your support throughout the year! Also during the night,a warm traditional buffet will be served for your convenience!

Don't miss also Pervy Claus who will distribute gifts all night long!


December 26th, 2019


9pm @ 3am

Cover: 20$ per person



New Year's Day Playparty @ Triskelion

(More infos coming soon! )


January 1st,2020


9pm @ 3am


25$ per person / Tickets on sale now!



Feast of the Gods: High Protocol supper

4 Service protocol supper for the protocol lover in you during the holidays


Next date:

December 28th,2019


6pm @ 10pm


40$ per couple (includes supper,2 drinks and playparty / 50% rebate if you contribute food the the Feast )

30$ single (includes supper,2 drinks and playparty / 50% rebate if you contribute food the the Feast )




The Protocol Academy 2

A full day of workshops and protocol teachings! An unique way to discover

and go further into protocols


Next date:

January 2020


Cover: 40$ per person,includes Workshops,Supper and Playparty



Metal Munches,Social and Parties

A night where everything is metal! for metal music lovers!


Next dates:

December 13th,2019 (Metalheads Christmas!)



Cover : 10$



Kinky Unicorns Night (NaughtyKinky Nights)

An event where fetichists,and swingers meet under respect and

consent in a dungeon environment!


Next dates:

December 6th,2019

January 3rd,2020



9pm @ 3am

Cover :15$





Discussions,debates,tabletop games,videogames and more!

Where the Geeky and kinky minds meets!

Every thursdays from 6 to 11pm

Cover: 10$



Man's Night out

Gay Playparty for men by men


Next dates:

November 15th,2019

December 20th, 2019




Cover : 15$


Ladies Night out!

A night of play and fun for all the ladies and everyone that identifies themselves as a woman

100% inclusive playparty! - no men allowed!


Next dates:

To be announced shortly!


10pm @ 3am

Cover : 15$




Mentorship and Play Wednesdays

The best place to learn,in private or in a small group,various techniques and fetishes

Our experimented staff is always ready to give you a lending hand and teach you!

Every Wednesdays 6 @ 11pm

Cover: 10$



Open Dungeon nights

The perfect event for beginners to explore a dungeon,learn more about BDSM

and the practices,and to discover tips and tricks!


Every weeks,on every tuesdays from 6pm @ 11pm

Cover: 10$



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How to get to the Triskelion

The Triskelion is located at 6976 St-Hubert at the corner of Belanger Street in Montreal. The dungeon is easily accessible via the Jacques Cartier bridge (134) for users coming from the South Shore of Montreal, (Highway 15 and 40) for users coming from the North Shore and the Laurentians. For users coming from Ontario and the beautiful area of ​​the old capital, The Triskelion can be reached via the St-Hubert exit of the Highway 40.Simply drive south on St-Hubert untill Belanger Street.Building is located on the corner of Belanger and St-Hubert.



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