What is the Triskelion?

Since its opening , the Triskelion has experienced a dazzling rise in the fetish scene and Montreal BDSM. The dungeon is a multidisciplinary place that offers 2000 square feet of play space,and community services,with stations that are configurable in multiple ways.

The Triskelion offers a cozy atmosphere where it is encouraged to explore fantasies and let yourself totally go in complete confidence!. It has quickly become one of the preferred spots for beginners as well as for savvy players thanks to its multitude of stations which offer unique diversity to your BDSM Experience. Try the Triskelion!!

Our mission :

The mission of the Triskelion team is simple: To provide our clients with a healthy, safe and pleasant place to practice BDSM or activities of any kind as well as prevention and education on alternative lifestyles. A place where it is good to be, a place or all your desires and fantasies can come true! Count on us to give you more!


A warm environment

The Triskelion is renowned for its warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home from your very first steps in the dungeon! A large lounge and relaxation space and a bistro-style area await you to chat, discuss and relax as if you were in the comfort of your home!

Unique and diversified events!

The Triskelion presents themed and non-themed evenings that will meet your every need, whether it is for BDSM, or educational purposes,, the Triskelion team is always working on innovative concepts which will meet the needs of its clientele.

Safety first!

In every dungeon, and especially at the Triskelion, your safety and the safety of all customers is ensured! Experienced dungeon monitors, trained safety submissives and regularly inspected equipment make the Triskelion a place where you can play without worries, and fears. Our staff is always on hand to answer any questions at any time.

A dungeon team who cares!

We want to answer your needs at any time because YOU are our number one priority! A comments and suggestions box as well as our social media accounts are available to collect your suggestions and comments!