Your dungeon,Our pride!

Here is a sneak-peek to our dungeon,your dungeon! Every month new items are being added and play stations are under rotation to offer you a new and exciting experience every month!




All pictures by @2019 GabrielBonkoff / Property of photographer and LeTriskelion.All rights reserved


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How to get to the Triskelion

The Triskelion is located at 6976 St-Hubert at the corner of Belanger Street in Montreal. The dungeon is easily accessible via the Jacques Cartier bridge (134) for users coming from the South Shore of Montreal, (Highway 15 and 40) for users coming from the North Shore and the Laurentians. For users coming from Ontario and the beautiful area of ​​the old capital, The Triskelion can be reached via the St-Hubert exit of the Highway 40.Simply drive south on St-Hubert untill Belanger Street.Building is located on the corner of Belanger and St-Hubert.



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