Mentoring & Workshops @ The Triskelion

The team sincerely believe that the healthy and balanced practice of BDSM requires education and awareness of the various topics that are included in this practice. To this end, and given that our whole life is spent constantly learning, The Triskelion is proud to announce the Mentoring and Education School.

A dynamic team!

A competent and dynamic team, who are warm and welcoming, has been recruited to receive you and give you the best education possible. We offer a quality education in all points. All of our workshops and courses are given in both official languages ​​in Canada; English and French !

For Pros or beginners

Whether you are a professional, an advanced player who is looking to improve, or a beginner in the field who is looking for knowledge, The Triskelion can satisfy your needs! in order for a Dominant to be able to play more efficiently with their partner, the Dungeon's workshops will satisfy you on all points. Please see our list of events as it is always changing.

No tools or toys? No problem!

During workshops and courses at the Triskelion, we will provide you access to quality instruments,toys and any material that you might need, for the duration of your workshop or course.!

A flexible schedule!

Available during the day, in the evening and on weekends, our mentoring school can adapt to all your needs. Courses are given individually, in couples, in group or at special events that caters to your needs

More infos

For more infos on our workshops and ou mentoring services,our prices or anything else related to our Mentoring school,Drop by the dungeon on wednesday nights at 6pm or give us a call on our info line at 514-206-0642 or send us a message by clicking Here

Our Workshops:

  • Wax play
  • Fire play
  • Protocol 101
  • Domination 101
  • Submission 101
  • impact play and toys
  • And many others,on request! ask us for the complete list!



"Fun and easy to learn with the Urban team! I strongly recommend!."

Max - Triskelion customer


"A fast track to learn everything basic and that we need to know about BDSM."

Karvill - Triskelion customer



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