Usefull links,Downloads and BDSM community services :

Here are some of the best and most usefull links for your BDSM journey in the greater Montreal area also some usefull downloads!


- Usefull and free downloads from the Triskelion team!


Primal play 101 workshop

Domination 101 workshop

Fireplay workshop

KnifePlay 101 Workshop

AgePlay 101 Workshop

Impact Play 101 and 201 workshop

Protocol for submissives workshop

BDSM terms and fetishes bible

Roles and different genders terminology

Fetish and paraphilia Bible (work in progress with regular updates)



here are some checklist examples for you to download! feel free to customize it to your own tastes!


Our most regularly used one is this one:

Most Popular

or you can try theses ones:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

This one was submitted by one of our customers,Jason K.and is evolutive! give it a try!

Evolutive example



Here is an example of a contract between Dominants and submissive or slave:

Contract template



Here is a complete copy of the Dungeon rules in effect at all times at the Triskelion!

Triskelion rules and Guidelines


- BDSM related social websites


Le marché aux esclaves

Collar me


BDSM Passion KInk ( Facebook discussion group)


- BDSM shopping


Il Bolero

Montreal Shoe pimp

Fétiche Armada


MKL Latex Couture

Plaisir Secret

Creations Frank & Nadia

StefDragon Jouets BDSM

Uncommon Desires BDSM toys


- Community services and education (BDSM related)



Tension Montreal

Tension est un espace zen dans le coeur de St-Henri. Situé à quelques minutes de marche du métro Place-St-Henri, sa chaleur et son confort vous charmeront dès que vous y mettrez les pieds. Construit et organisé pour accomoder la pratique et des cours de shibari, son esthétique inspirée de la culture japonaise vous plaira à coup sûr!

Un environement sans racisme, sexisme, homophobie ni transphobie. C'est important pour nous de garder nos valeurs d'inclusivité, d'image positive du corps, et de rester humble dans notre apprentissage

-Tension Montreal



Facebook page



The Center (Montreal)

"The Center" was created in 2011 by Dunter. Courses are given there once a week by himself. Gradually, the group grew, and teachers were invited to give a wider set of classes. Around 2012, services extend on Saturdays, with courses and lectures being taught the whole day. Dunter's presence in various community events is becoming more widespread, so that the service is offered at the center. Due to the growing popularity of alternative activities among the general public and the increasing presence of the Center in Montréal, Dunter began organizing La Nuit Des Cordes in 2013. However, any mass movement requires more attention from health professionals to keep the activities safe. It is in this context that in July 2014, Dunter, Mahault Albarracin and Shadow 13 and others came together to create the Montreal Alternative Sexuality Education and Resource Center, a non - profit organization, By and for the community, that would provide a professional and academic environment to promote the use of safe techniques, healthy relationships, and informed consent. Training of trainers is slowly being put in place to ensure the greatest possible impact on the community and the general public. In September 2014, the first board of directors was held and the various roles were voted unanimously.

Fetlife :



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