A choice of multiple activities for different tastes!

At The Triskelion,we pride ourselves in offering a multitude of different evenings and activities for all tastes and genre! look below to have a quick glimpse to our events and their specifics!

(This page will be updated regularly)


Desire and Decadence playparties

A night of play that combines with harmony protocol play,sensuality and various types of play!

Perfect for protocol lovers,for serious and experimented or intense play,as much as beginners that wants to learn and try the different aspects of BDSM,protocol,discipline and much more. Wheter you are a beginner or an expert in your kinks,Everybody find what they are looking for in this type of event!

The kind of play or kink you want...hard and strict or....very sensual...according to your fetishes,fantasies or desires!


Geek nights@ Le Triskelion

A night where all Geeks and Nerds will represent!:)

on the menu,every thursdays!

-Card games/Tabletop games
-Board games
-Video games (xbox one et Playstation 4 & other platforms)
-Roleplay games (Warhammer / Dungeons and Dragons / Masquerade)

Discussions,debates and much more fun to be had! Geek and kinky minds meeting in one night!

Open to all, newbies to experts



Mentorship and Play Wednesdays

The best place to learn,in private or in a small group,various techniques and fetishes

Our experimented staff is always ready to give you a lending hand and teach you!

Every Wednesdays!




Open Dungeon nights@ Le Triskelion

You are new to the scene and you want to learn more? learn the basics? the tuesdays at the urban is the perfect place!

For all of you that dreamt once to have some practice time in a dungeon,outside of an official event,just like going to the gym,well The Triskelion has the solution for you called : ''the Open Practice''

-different workshops available
-Perfect for rope practice
-ideal to work on techniques and toy manipulation
-toys and instruments available on demand!
-All stations and rooms availables
-no thematics,code no dress codes! This aint a playparty! its a practice space!

Open to all, Beginners or experimented
every tuesdays from 6pm to 11pm
practice cover : 10$ per person.'


Discovering BDSM and Beyond!@ Le Triskelion

Le Triskelion,,is proud to present their very own approach
to education and introduction into BDSM and the Fetish scene.
This event is for all beginners,curious and people wanting to
expand their knowledge into BDSM and fetishes.Come also learn
from passionate workshoppers who will share with you all of
their very own knowledge acquired throughout the years!

''BDSM Discovery and beyond..''

A concept reuniting discussions,Workshops,Kinky supper,and a
playparty,all for a single price,at one location in an all included

-If you are new to the scene and looking to learn more
-If youre looking to learn new fetishes or techniques
-If you are looking for a ''first event'' to break off the ice
-If you are someone looking for a playpartner or more




Triskelion is proud to present you a brand new event nd approach
for all of you players that want to upgrade their knowledge and their techniques.The workshops proposed will help you bring your bdsm the next level! Our workshoppers and special guest educators are gonna share their love and their passion and all of their knowledge.

A concept that includes interactive and participative workshops and a playparty
all included at a very reasonable price!



Protocol nights @ Triskelion

Protocol supper and playparty at The Triskelion.Happening 4 times a year.More infos to come!



Man's Night out


Le Triskelion is proud to present you their first 100% gay playparty:

''Man's Night out''

A decadent night of play and fun for men only!

Organised and managed by men for men

Every 3rd friday of the month!


Metal Munches & Social


A night of fetishes and Metal music for metal lovers!

Every Last friday of the month! see you there!!!


Kinky Unicorns Nights

A night for swingers and people more into a lighter shade of fetichism and BDSM..

Happens every second friday of the month! check our listings!


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How to get to the Triskelion

The Triskelion is located at 6976 St-Hubert at the corner of Belanger Street in Montreal. The dungeon is easily accessible via the Jacques Cartier bridge (134) for users coming from the South Shore of Montreal, (Highway 15 and 40) for users coming from the North Shore and the Laurentians. For users coming from Ontario and the beautiful area of ​​the old capital, The Triskelion can be reached via the St-Hubert exit of the Highway 40.Simply drive south on St-Hubert untill Belanger Street.Building is located on the corner of Belanger and St-Hubert.



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