Are you a newcomer into BDSM? Are you an experimented playerwho wants to discover more and is curious about other's techniques? Our event''BDSM Discovery and beyond'' is litterally tailored for you! Here's what to expect in theses events! :

Interactive discussions!

Our team of dedicated volunteers and educators,welcomes you at the Dungeon at your arrival! after a quick guided tour of the premises and a quick explanation of the rules in a dungeon,we are welcoming you around a round table with hot topics and interactives debates and discussions.Topics are all related to BDSM,Fetichism and Kink.A question period is also on the menuso that people can actually ask questions that are on their minds and debate on it...All of this in a respectfull and funny ambiance provided by our staff.Then a roundtable tour is done and everyone presents themselves and the team of educators is presented to you.

Pro-active,interactive and dynamic workshops

Every month,different workshops are being proposed that covers the basics,sometimes also more advanced stuff,but all presented clearly with examples,interactions,humour and also seriousness! Our skilled team of educators cumulating more than 16 years of experience will help you understand,masterize and guide you and answer all of your questions or inquiries! Our workshops are interactive and pro-active! so it means that YOU are part of the workshop! Learning BDSM is simplier that way,funnier and also more interesting.Educational support,books,references and videos are also available to help you out! Our workshops covers mostly all the of the BDSM spectrum.

A nice supper with new friends and acquaintances

The Triskelion is serving supper! Indeed,A nice meal with vegetarian options is served to you,while you can meet,greet and discuss with other attendees.Every month is a different menu! Nothing better than a full stomach before learning and possibly doing your first steps in the BDSM world! All of it,free of extra charges!


A playparty to discover even further!

Right after the workshop series,A playparty is being held untill 3 am.Throughout the event,Our educators,monitors and new acquaintances,all gather together to play,discover even further and who that special partner you are looking for! We are providing you with a consensual,safe and sane environment where you can safely explore! At all time you can ask our ducators for an extra demo or to guide you,or even try something new that interests you!

So..What are you waiting for? Come discover BDSM with us!